Legal Live Hack: Open Questions about the GDPR




More than one year ago, the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect. However, many companies are still struggling with the practical implementation and only a comparatively small number of companies feel that they have implemented the new rules in full compliance with the law. This is also a result of the many open questions concerning the correct application of the GDPR.

At the 5th Bitkom Privacy Conference 2019 you will receive answers to your individual questions. At the Legal Live Hack on Data Protection we will discuss the most frequent questions concerning the implementation of the GDPR with our experienced data protection experts.


We will answer your questions at #PCO19 on 17 September 2019.

In the interactive forum of the Legal Live Hack we will explain the most important questions on data protection and give you some practical suggestions on how to implement the GDPR correctly. We look forward to discussing your challenges and problems with you and our data protection experts at the Legal Live Hack at the Privacy Conference 2019.