PCO21 | News: Structure of data protection

Bitkom Position Paper: Structure of the data protection supervisory authorities in Germany

Data protection law touches almost all areas of business in today's digital economy. The legal framework created by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the fundamental rights of data subjects can at the same time enable processes and innovations and strengthen Europe's digital sovereignty. However, this can only succeed if the interpretation is balanced and, above all, a legally secure application is made possible. In addition, the most important promise of the GDPR must finally be fulfilled: a uniform legal framework for the entire EU. This must also apply to the domestic interpretation of data protection regulations. However, the current structure of data protection supervision is based on 18 different authorities, which leads to differences in interpretation that must be reduced in the future through more standardisation and more harmonised interpretation aids nationwide. Bitkom has summarised concrete proposals to achieve this goal in its position paper on the structure of supervisory authorities in Germany.


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