PCO19 | News: The GDPR boosts the market for data protection experts

The GDPR boosts the market for data protection experts

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Since May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation has been fully applied. For the first time, it was possible to introduce EU-wide, uniform regulations on data protection with international appeal. Since then, both international trading partners and global companies have oriented themselves towards the GDPR. At the same time, many companies are still uncertain about the correct implementation of the new data protection laws. For data protection experts, this situation means that they are now among the most sought-after specialists. In order to counteract the shortage of specialists in the field of data protection, those responsible can fall back on various instruments.


Train team members to become data protection experts

Suitable employees are difficult to find in many areas. However, the shortage of skilled workers is particularly acute in specialised areas of activity. The training and further education of own team members can be for personnel responsible persons and entrepreneurs a suitable means, in order to fill free positions in the enterprise by experienced forces from the inside. The further training market for data protection topics offers a broad spectrum of further training courses. The market offers suitable seminars for almost every level of knowledge. In this way the suitable team members can be prepared fast and efficiently for their new role in the enterprise and be made fit around handling the new set of rules in the data security.


Consulting specialists as external data protection consultants

Even before the EU General Data Protection Regulation, numerous companies used external service providers and consultants to implement the previous data protection requirements in a legally compliant manner. Since the GDPR has been applied in its entirety, the market for external data protection officers and consultants has been booming. With their help, the processes in the company are checked, weak points are identified and effective countermeasures are taken. At the same time, the external view provides an unbiased assessment of the current situation of the client. In addition, the external data protection officers can present their analyses in a completely neutral and independent manner, without getting into conflicts of interest within the commissioning company.


Hybrid solutions from technology and consulting

In addition to the traditional ways of meeting data protection requirements, the new rules also provide for new, innovative solutions. There are also hybrid approaches on the market to implement the laws in a legally compliant manner - for example by linking classic consulting with user-friendly web platforms. In addition to the mandatory audit and documentation, users of these solutions also receive a Software-as-a-Service solution. With their help, you get an overview of the necessary measures for GDPR-compliant processes as well as numerous information materials for compliance with the regulations. Hybrid solutions offer clients the best of both worlds - comprehensive advice and technical help for self-help. Nevertheless, a certain level of expertise is required within the company.


GDPR – Are we there, yet?

On September 17, 2019 at the 5th Bitkom Privacy Conference in Berlin, we will discuss how the EU General Data Protection Regulation has affected the economy, administration and industry and which topics are determining the current debates in this area. Over 300 international experts from business, supervisory authorities and politics will take a look at what has been achieved at #pco19 and at the same time take a look at the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation. Be there too!


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