Telefónica NEXT

In Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH based in Berlin, Telefónica Deutschland bundles its digital growth areas “Advanced Data Analytics” and “Internet of Things”. The company acts as an independent entrepreneur on the market and develops digital products and services under CEO Nicolaus Gollwitzer. As a partner to other industries, Telefónica NEXT enables companies to make better use of the growth opportunities provided by digitalisation. With “Advanced Data Analytics”, Telefónica NEXT focuses on the social and economic advantage that can be obtained from analysing large volumes of data. In addition, Telefónica NEXT is working on solutions for the Internet of Things. The new software platform helps companies to offer connected solutions for end users. By combining its expertise in the field of advanced data analytics and the Internet of Things, Telefónica NEXT is developing solutions for offline retailers (Smart Retail), so that retailers can better understand the needs of customers along the Customer Journey. Telefónica NEXT imposes strict data protection standards on all products and applications, and often goes even further, because people should be able to retain control over their data and shape their digital lives as they choose. 


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