Dr. Dirk Woywod
Senior Vice President
Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Since 2010 Dirk works at Bundesdruckerei GmbH. Currently, he leads the service delivery and consulting business as SVP. Prior to this position, he has designed Bundesdruckerei’s new portfolio strategy and has positioned the Bundesdruckerei as a trust-worthy partner for organizational and technical security of companies and public authorities. That includes the protection of communication, access points, data and IT infrastructure as well as securing of processes and compliance management.

Prior to that he was division manager of „Customer Project Management” for international markets as well department head in R&D.

Dirk studied physics in Berlin and Manchester and did his doctor’s degree in theoretical physics at TU Berlin. Thereafter he worked as Project Manager for McKinsey & Company in Germany, Great Britain and China.

Before joining Bundesdruckerei he took over the management of betterplace.org. – a non-profit Startup. Ever since, he is supporting Germany´s biggest online donation platform as advisory council.

Since 2011 Dirk teaches master students at the Viadrina School of Governance and at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin.