Speaker – Theresa Tran

Theresa Tran
Lufthansa Industry Solutions
Data Scientist

Theresa Tran is a Data Scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. She enjoys transforming meaningless data into meaningful insights that make work processes more efficient – and our lives easier. While interning at T-Systems, she experienced first-hand that the best machine learning model is pointless if the user does not trust it. Theresa believes that trust arises from understanding. She therefore used her master’s thesis to investigate different approaches to make machine learning models more interpretable. For her work she was awarded with the Women’s STEM Award 2019 and the Datenlotsen Award 2019.


Stage 3 | Data & Artificial Intelligence

17.09.19 | Presentation

15:30 — 16:00

Data & Artificial Intelligence


New Approaches to Transparency and Machine Learning

Dr Frank Schemmel | DataGuard, Senior Data Protection Officer

Theresa Tran | Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Data Scientist

Maren Wienands | DataGuard, Data Protection Officer & Project Manager for Data Protection