Speaker – Barbara Thiel

Barbara Thiel
State of Lower Saxony
Data Protection Commissioner

Barbara Thiel was elected by the state of Lower Saxony’s Parliament as Data Protection Officer for Lower Saxony on the 18th December 2014 and has been appointed for eight years.

Her task is to supervise the adherence to data protection rules by public authorities as well as by companies and other private organizations in Lower Saxony and to protect the right on informational self-determination by doing so.

Barbara Thiel grew up in the town of Salzgitter. After she started her career with the community of Salzgitter, her law studies in Göttingen and legal clerkship in Lower Saxony she worked for the Ministery of the Interior in Lower Saxony, for the Central Auditing Authority of Lower Saxony and for the county of Wolfenbüttel. At last she was Head of Department at the region of Hannover.


Main Stage

17.09.19 | Keynote

11:10 — 11:30



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Barbara Thiel | State of Lower Saxony, Data Protection Commissioner