Peter Fleischer
Global Privacy Counsel

Peter has worked as Google’s Global Privacy Counsel since 2006.

Based in Europe, Peter is Google’s longest serving privacy leader.
He counsels Google teams on how to design privacy sensitive and legally compliant products. Peter has designed many of Google’s privacy compliance programs. He has met with thousands of privacy
officials and leaders worldwide. Peter has managed scores of regulatory actions around the world, and appeared before some of the world’s highest courts.

Prior to joining Google, Peter worked for 10 years at Microsoft, as EMEA privacy leader and Director of Regulatory Compliance.
Peter is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He is an elite swimmer.


Keynotes & Panels | Gallery

27.09.18 | Panel

11:50 — 12:40

GDPR and International Data Transfers

Claire Bradshaw | UK Department for Culture Media and Sport, Deputy Director

Helen Dixon | Ireland, Data Protection Commissioner

Caitlin Fennessy | U.S. International Trade Administration, Privacy Shield Team Lead

Peter Fleischer | Google, Global Privacy Counsel

Dr. Axel Kessler, LL.M. | Siemens, Head of Data Privacy Legal

Josh S. Kallmer | Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), Executive Vice President, Policy

Keynotes & Panels | Gallery

27.09.18 | Impulse

11:40 — 11:50

GDPR and International Data Transfers

Peter Fleischer | Google, Global Privacy Counsel