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Since Bitkom’s last Privacy Conference in October 2023, many new regulations and developments have shaped data privacy. From the Data Act and GDPR Enforcement Regulation to the ever important AI Act, the regulatory landscape in the EU has seen important additions and sparked discussions about the stringency of its regulations. Additionally, the data economy continues to drive change with new business ideas such as pay-or-consent or data-sharing models. These ideas lead to fundamental discussions on how we value the use of data. 

Regardless of whether you are a large enterprise, an SME or a start-up: if you want to maintain trusting and professional relationships with your customers, the compliance with and implementation of data protection regulation is of utmost importance. As data privacy regulation and trends are constantly changing, companies need to stay current. 

On 09 & 10 October 2024, privacy experts from various data protection authorities, international companies and outstanding start-ups come together at Bitkom’s Privacy Conference to discuss the latest trends in data protection, international data transfers and cooperation for the data economy. 09 October is dedicated to German perspectives and takes place in German. 10 October focuses on international issues and happens in English. With its 360° approach, #pco24 will cover all fields of regulatory development, share hands-on examples, discuss best practices in workshops, and give the world’s most important privacy experts a forum.


#pco24 addresses the latest topics in the industry 


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Regulatory topics

The use of data is present in every aspect of life. The introduction of new ideas on how data is processed has created numerous beneficial effects for businesses. Regulators observe these developments and implement new rules to establish a consistent and organized regulatory system. #pco24 highlights regulatory issues, examines their principles, and discusses how to align current and future regulatory efforts.

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AI has made its way into nearly every business field. But how do you use new technologies to make the most of your data while maintaining privacy? #pco24 brings together diverse professionals to share experiences and ideas.



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Platforms & Web

To improve user experience and enable the Internet of Things, businesses need to ensure interoperability between data rooms. At the same time, customers demand data privacy. Discover how to both deliver performance and protect confidentiality.

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International Data Flows & Standardisation

As new data flows across international borders and new agreements emerge, we'll take a closer look at what lies ahead. How can companies comply with data security standards? How can standardisation help them to both ensure lawful data flows and protect data privacy? #pco24 answers key questions and introduces the latest developments and solutions.

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