Behind the Scenes: Bitkom’s Data Endeavours

In the digital transformation era, data, pivotal in developing AI-centric data products, has become a critical economic asset. The need for a unified data economy and efficient German/European data platforms to navigate evolving issues, legal ambiguities, and inaccessible data silos is paramount. With a team of dedicated experts, Bitkom regularly publishes content to provide guidance in the data economy and foster policy dialogue. 

To achieve these overarching goals, we have formulated four action recommendations that can strengthen our data economy in the global competition: 

Firstly, high data quality and reliable data access are crucial for successful data-driven business models. 

Secondly, legal security for international data transfers is imperative, with supervisory authorities needing adequate resources. Bitkom's notable endeavors in data protection include releasing practical guidelines and making the Bitkom Transfer Impact Assessment Tool available to Bitkom’s members for analyzing international data transfers. 

Thirdly, thriving data ecosystems require digital policies rooted in sovereignty and availability, with active engagements in discussions concerning the GDPR and national data protection initiatives. 

Lastly, Bitkom advocates for a coherent legal framework for the German data economy to spur innovation and avoid competitive disadvantages. Our diverse undertakings, such as guides on compliance and active involvement in legislative processes within the data economy, underscore the horizontal significance of data, inviting decision-makers to engage in discussions on current plans, like the engagements with the Data Institute. 

Furthermore, our experts at Bitkom are instrumental in organizing impactful events like the upcoming Privacy Conference, fostering a rich dialogue and collaboration among global data protection authorities and industry leaders to drive forward our data economy initiatives. More on Bitkom’s data endeavours and positions (in German) can be found here:

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