Bitkom on the final vote on DSA and DMA

On Tuesday, the EU Parliament will formally vote on the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Dr Bernhard Rohleder, CEO of Bitkom, explains:

"The final adoption of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act will create a comprehensive digital policy legal framework in Europe and a kind of new basic law for the Internet. The DSA in particular will directly affect many people: In Germany alone, more than 60 million people use the Internet, almost three quarters of them inform themselves about current affairs on the Web, and 95 percent shop online. Online services and platforms are thus an integral part of everyday digital life. Bitkom therefore expressly welcomes the fact that consumers will be better protected online from disinformation, hate speech and counterfeit products in the future. What is illegal offline must also be illegal online and punished accordingly. The fact that the Digital Markets Act is also intended to create more freedom of choice between online services is to be welcomed. Fair competitive conditions and easier market access, including for small and medium-sized enterprises, are essential for innovation. It remains important to promote the growth of European digital companies in a targeted manner, to increase investment, and to prevent the shortage and migration of skilled workers.

It is now important that the legal framework also functions in practice, that clear rules are set for this purpose, and that at the same time the platform economy continues to be given scope for innovation. This requires uniform implementation of DMA and DSA in the individual member states. In Germany, clarity should also be created quickly about the establishment of the official structures for the digital services coordinator - and where this body is to be located. In Bitkom's view, the Federal Network Agency would be the most suitable option. In addition, the relevant national laws - especially the NetzDG - must be revised quickly and comprehensively so that they do not collide with the DSA. The German government must respond to the great importance of the DSA and DMA and ensure prompt, clear and legally secure implementation."