Protecting our visitors’ data and keeping it safe is very important to us. This is why we have designed our website and our business procedures so as to minimise the amount of personal data collected and processed.

The following Data Protection Statement explains what information will be collected during your visit to our website and which parts of this information may be used for what purpose.


Personal Data

We do not record personal data such as your name, address, phone number or email address unless you provide those details voluntarily, e.g. when registering for the newsletter or obtaining accreditation for the hub conference. We use the voluntarily supplied data exclusively for the purpose for which you have provided it. We will only use your data in the context of other offers, or for marketing purposes, if you have given us your consent for the data to be used for such purposes.


Standard Data

Generally speaking, when you visit our website, our web server will not record your full IP address and the domain name of the computer you are using. The server is configured such that the information that would be needed in order to identify you individually is not automatically logged. For this reason, no personal data or data which could be linked to you can accrue on our servers.

However, in the event of an attempted abuse of the server or a server error, a so-called log file may be created. The details recorded here include the IP address, the specific address of the page retrieved from our site, and potentially the page from which you reached us (link source), as well as the browser ID, and the system date and time when the page was requested. This data will be deleted from our server immediately after the error has been fixed, and is used solely in order to analyse the error. We are not able to link these log files to a particular person.


Technical Control - Cookies

Our website uses so-called “cookies”. These simplify and speed up your access to our website. If you do not wish our website to use cookies on your computer, you can deactivate this in your browser settings and set your browser to warn you whenever cookies are used by a website.
For further details, you might like to visit or


Statistical Analysis - Tracking

When you visit our website, we send data to our service provider eTracker. The service offered by eTracker allows us to conduct statistical analyses in order to improve the quality of our website. This data is anonymised and is reliably processed by a system that has been licensed by the data protection authorities. Neither we nor eTracker are able to trace the data back to you.

Further information is available here:
Beyond this, no further data is passed on to any third parties.
If you do not wish your visits to our website to be tracked, you can exclude them from the data storage process.


Tracking via Google Analytics

When you visit our website, we send data to our service provider Google Inc., as part of their Google Analytics solution. Google Analytics is configured such that your IP address will be anonymised before being sent to Google (anonymizeIP). Google will process your usage data on our behalf on our website, in order to compile a report of the website activities. We use these reports to determine your level of interest in our offers and to improve the latter. 

If you do not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics you can install a browser add-on that prevents tracking by Google Analytics:


If you do not want Google Analytics to perform an anonymized analysis of your website use, you can object to this at any time here, with proactive effect. When you click on the button, an opt-out cookie is stored on your end device. The next time you visit our website, this cookie prevents your data from being collected again.

Google Analytics Tracking-Settings



We have taken extensive technical and operational precautions to protect any personal data you have supplied to us from unauthorised access and abuse. Our security procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect technological progress. Our staff is bound to preserve confidentiality.


Links to other websites

If you call an external website from our website (external link), your browser may inform the external supplier from which of our web pages you have arrived. This data is the responsibility of the external supplier. Like any other supplier of web pages, we are not able to influence this process.


Further Information

If you have any further questions, for example concerning the personal data we have stored about you, you are welcome to contact us. The means of contacting us are listed in the Legal Information section. In this connection, we are naturally happy to comply with your constitutional right to know what data is stored about you.