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On 11 & 12 October 2023, privacy experts from various data protection authorities, international companies and outstanding startups come together at Privacy Conference to discuss the latest trends in data protection, international data transfers and cooperation for the data economy. 11 October is dedicated to German perspectives and takes place in German. 12 October focuses on international issues and happens in English. 

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#pco23 addressed the latest topics in the industry 


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GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation, Data Governance Act, Data Act & AI Act: there are numerous privacy regulations that must be considered when running a business. At #pco23, we talked about regulatory topics, looked at their principles and discussed the possibilities they offer.

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How do you build a secure cloud infrastructure for sustainable data protection? What are the technological options to preserve privacy? At #pco23, we found out which technologies ensure compliance while making the most of data.



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Platforms & Web

Marketing in the new era of data privacy: At #pco23, we learned everything needed to know about data-driven marketing, web services, cookies, and how to protect privacy while ensuring efficiency.

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International Data Flows

Data flows across borders correspond with the modern and globalized economy. But they also raise concerns about the protection of privacy. At #pco23, we took a closer look at the key questions, latest developments and solutions regarding international data flows.