22 May 2019

Bitkom draws mixed annual balance sheet for GDPR

The basic EU data protection regulation has been in force for almost a year. Companies and organisations have extended information duties, have to create processing directories for personal data and already take data protection into account in production processes. From the point of view of the digital association Bitkom, the GDPR has had positive effects, but there is still a great need for improvement.

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1 April 2019

PCO19 – Save the Date!

The impact of the GDPR was extensive – but is all the work in implementing the new rules done yet? Will we need to take another turn with the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation?

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21 March 2019

Privacy experts are the exceptions in companies

Since the entry into force of the Basic Data Protection Regulation, companies have had to increasingly deal with new rules in data protection. Often there is a lack of suitable personnel. For example, almost every third company in Germany (31 percent) has currently only planned one full-time position for employees who mainly deal with data protection. This is the result of a representative company survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom.

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15 February 2019

Data security: users see themselves increasingly responsible

f you want to use Internet services, you often have to disclose personal data such as your e-mail address. Internet users increasingly see themselves as primarily responsible for the security of such data. Three out of four (74 percent) say: "I myself am responsible for protecting my personal data on the Internet.

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